Friday, April 1, 2011

A to Z of Gratitude–Letter O


O stands for opportunity.

What do you do when you have a nudge from the Spirit for you to do something like talking to a total stranger in a park for example.

Do you step up and do it?   Do you discard it and think it is a foolish thought?

If you step up – do you do it all the time?

These are opportunities.   God opens door every day of your life to step up and stand.

It could be to help someone.  It could be to tell someone to smarten up – at the risk to loose the friendship, the relationship…   At the risk of passing for a fool in front of strangers.

Opportunities.   We keep asking God for them but when He brings something our way we often react like this: “Surely He doesn’t mean for me to do this?”

Yes he does.    If you can’t step up for small commitments in front of you, how do you expect God being willing to provide a BIG commitment?

Seriously.  Think about it.

I remember a few years ago I went to the park next to my house with my kids.    A lady was there with her son.  Out of the blue, she tells me her husband is cheating on her.

Mind you I don’t have personal experience with this with my husband.  But my dad left home because of this.  So in a way I could listen…   Funny thing is I had just read the book Love Must Be Though by Dr. Dobson.  It helped me to understand my parents relationship and so on.  I had written a ton of notes every throughout the book.   I believe I had just finished it.   I offered the book to her and the next morning gave it to her.

Never seen her since then.   Don’t even know if she is in the neighbourhood…

She called once to tell me that the book helped her a lot and said thanks.

That’s about it.

I had two choice that morning, either chit chat and leave her OR listen and pray for her.   I chose to listen and pray.   I believe it made a difference.

What about you?   Are you open to opportunities no matter what size they are?


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