Friday, June 11, 2010

Destination Connecticut

May 21st - Talk about not being organized.   I way prefer knowing what to do when and being flexible.
Hubby had looked to see if there was a Bass Pro Shop in Boston because he wanted to buy a fish finder.  He didn’t see anything about it so we looked into Cabella’s.   Two were found at about 1 hours and half in Connecticut and 2 hours in Maine.    We decided to go toward Connecticut with the thought that there was some activities to do.   Well I wasn’t prepare whatsoever.  
So the drive wasn’t good because I was moody and stress and hubby wasn’t happy either.  
But we got to Cabella’s and got the fish finder.   Then we went to the Children’s Museum (free again thanks to our membership at home).   Little Children’s Museum which was okay but I’ve seen better.  
But the kids were able to run, explore and learn about what certain animals eat.   They were able to see the lady feed some of the animals, discover how to fly an airplane, dig like an archeologist and much more.
Here’s an highlight of the day.
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