Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not as often...

I guess I am not as often as I would really like on this blog.   I find it hard to be splitted in two and between the business, homeschool, family, this blog and my review blog - I am a bit out of breath.

So to my friends on homeschoolblogger and others (family and friends reading about our life), I apologize.

As I said, my review blog is keeping me busy.   Wondering what books I would suggest to read, please jump to Canadianladybug Reviews! to check it out.  I am starting to expand my review experience.   Back in the Fall I reviewed a game called TriviaThon.   Quite interesting game actually.   I would recommend it to anyone - even the people who are not too fond of trivia type of games.    In 2010, I have already two extraordinary products lined up.    I'm becoming more bold and offer reviews to various companies.    Already I know two products are coming my way but I won't tell  you what it is yet.

On the family side of things, every one is healthy.    No H1N1 so far and no we didn't take the shot either...   That caused some tension elsewhere but I prefer not to expand on this.   Business is getting better slowly so I won't complain.  Problem is when you are in contracting, you work and sometimes you get paid later.   We are fortunate to have one third-party that pays every two weeks but most third-parties pay a month later.   So for one contract we are paid as we speak while the other... we wait. 

Jérémy, Jasmine and my husband has a birthday.   Jérémy was back in November while Jasmine and Daddy was not too long ago - respectively the 19 and 21 of December.  Also on the 19th, we (my husband and I) were maître of ceremony to the wedding of our friends Rachelle and Tyler.   This was the first time we were doing, the first time I saw a bride spinning at her own reception ( for 30 minutes) and the first time I heard Tyler speak in French for more than a couple of words.   He said his vows in French in honor of Rachelle - isn`t it cute?   I thought it was very impressive and very romantic.

As I write this, they are on honeymoon so we won't see them until next year I think.  

On the homeschool front - we are advancing at a steady pace.   Math U See is more than half way done for Alexandre and Dominic, and I don't feel as stressed as as I was in the previous years.  So I guess it's good.  The kids go to AWANA and have swimming lessons.   All are doing great at swimming even Jasmine who now jumps by herself in the water - mind  you I need to catch her...!

As you can see we survived our chaotic year on multiple fronts.  

I wish all a Merry Christmas.   For now I need to get some accounting done.... *grin*



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