Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prayers asked...

Whoever read this, please pray for the son of the counsellor at our church.  Matt went to a Mission trip to DR with our church.  His mom and step-father were there as well.   We have a partnership with a chuch in Monte Llallo through Compassion Canada.

Anyhow,  this was the second trip in DR our church made.   Both times, Matt was there.   This time though, on Friday February 22nd, it seems that he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.   They came back on Saturday.

During the week-end he wasn't feeling well.   At first they thought of a possible virus.   His mom brought him to the hospital and he got transferred to the Heart Institute.  Looks like he has a condition caused by a virus in his heart.   There is heart problems in the family.   Because he was in a foreign country and because of the virus, he is in a isolation area which means that whoever visits must wear gown and mask...

Today in the early afternoon he coded.   Doctors were able to bring him back.

At 530pm he coded again....  Again the doctors werre able to bring him back.

Please bring for him.  Pray also for his mom, Donna, and her husband, Mike.  Pray for healing and comfort.  Pray for a miracle for this brand new christian.

He is in his mid-twenties from what I understand.

God can heal.   I know he can.   Either way, it will be an amazing testimony.   Personally, I would prefer having him telling this testimony.  But it is in God's hands.

Thank you for praying.


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