Thursday, January 17, 2008

I appreciate my coffee this morning...

The little one woke up at 2:45am and even after her feeding she wouldn't go back to sleep - complaining every 30 minutes or so...  So I was tired obviously.   Coffee was needed and I did took one.   Now I am all energized and pumped. 

Alexandre is doing is Rosetta Stone and other softwares like Math and Typing Tutor while I am organizing myself in the house.   So far I've fed the baby and the boys as well as myself, did one load of washing and put another load in the dryer, loaded the dishwasher and started it, started the supper in the crockpot (chicken it will be), cleaned the counter from breakfast, repaired two toys and I still have one more to look at...

What I also have to do is pretty simple...  Put away a basket of clothes from the boys, fold another basket and put it away too!!!  More washing to do and repair some books... 

I also need to get back into my devotion mode somehow.   Can't see how I will fit this in my days yet but I will try very hard.   Oh I also need to write my thank you cards for allthe things people gave us since the birth of Jasmine (clothes and food).

Tonight, I will have a me time as my husband is going to a Sens game with his dad.   He got free tickets from a consulting firm with who we work.   Free parking too!   Both the seating and the parking are located in a VERY nice section from what I understand.  


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