Friday, March 5, 2010

In our fridge - Free Danone Dan Active x 3

So last night, before we drove to AWANA, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some milk. And here's the adventure we had...

When we parked, we saw a trailer of Dan Active parked next to the front door of the store. The people in it were quite friendly and let us (all six of us) get a sample of Dan Active. The kids love it but honestly it is a bit expensive to get this kind of drinkable yogourt with probiotics in it. So they drank and one of the guys asked if they could take a picture of us with the other reps. We said yes. After the picture was taken, the guy gave us a pack of Dan Active. Cool! Then my two oldest sons wanted to use the spin game and answer the question they would get. Well both of then got the right answers and both receive a pack of Dan Active. So we ended up having 3 FREE packs of Dan Active drinkable yogourt with probiotics in it.

And since we were low in yogourt in this household - the free packs were a blessings.

How cool is that?

Now if only the packs could last more than a week.....


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