Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goldenrod Kisses ... so delicious!

Anyone knows what I am talking about?   Chewy taffy from York, Maine.    I still can’t believe that the place where you can stand outside and see the owners do the candy is still existing.   As I wrote this, I am eating a few and can’t believe that the taste is still the same.   The restaurant was opened in 1896 and is still there at the same place in York.    In the past, the owner would work the taffy by hand.   Now part of it is made by hand and the stretching is done by a machine… but still this brought back memories to my heart.   This is part of the few memories that I remember…    The other memories I will remember is the time spent “Au Trois” a piece of land that belonged to my uncle… but this is another story for another time.    The Goldenrod Restaurant is still there and it still belongs to the family who started it more than 100 years ago.   It is the fourth generation who now make the delicious candies but it’s still have the same good taste.

I’m glad that I was able to bring my children there.   Mind you I will have to bring them back someday so that Jasmine can enjoyed it too!    And I sure hope to have start a tradition… Maybe one day my grand-children will discover the great taste of the salt water taffy of the Goldenrod in York, Maine.    I pray they do and they enjoy it as much I as have in the past and still do right now.

BTW – for those of you who would like to taste it, you can order some on the internet.   So don’t be shy and try them…

 * Check out how Salt Water Taffy is made by going on their website.   Reading it is interesting but it doesn't beat seeing it...


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