Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why am I feeling so low?

These days I feel like staying in bed.   Alexandre and Dominic are at day camp - one being full day and the otehr half day.  Still I wish I could just be by myself.   Anyone felt like that before?

Today was very hard on me somehow...   I was a bit snappy with the kids this morning.   Wish I wasn't feeling like this.  Hate it to be honest.

I feel as though my whole schedule for homeschooling is off the chart...   I will have to get back into routine next week.   Arg!

A field trip to Upper Canada Village is coming.   Good I need this...  Hopefully hubby will be able to come.

A trip to Toronto on Sept. 1st is a possibility.  If we can't find a babysitter then husband will go by himself.  He wants to check out Sound Ministry which is described as " unlike any club, unlike any church, we combine prayer, worship, spoken word and community with dance, creativity and modern styles of electronic music."   Sounds a bit like H.E.A.T. our church plant to be honest...


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